Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Got The Silver

Anita Pallenberg actually dated Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones for a year before leaving him in Morocco, 1967. She and Keith Richards began their relationship then, and it lasted until 1980. During this time, they had 2 surviving children, Marlon (named after Marlon Brando!) and Angela (aka Dandelion). Unfortunately, they broke up 1980 after a scandal. Anita had a HUGE influence on the Stones, much like Marianne Faithfull. She inspired the songs "You Got The Silver," "Sister Morphine," (written by Marianne) "Coming Down Again," "Angie," "Beast Of Burden," "All About You," and "Gimme Shelter." She sang background vocals in "Sympathy for the Devil." Anita is close to Keith still, as they now have grandchildren. She's also close to Keith's current wife of 27 years, Patti Hansen. When Keith is in the U.S., Anita actually watches his estate, Redlands, in West Sussex!





(Photos from Diet Coke and Sympathy.)


Maddie said...

This is great :) they're both so attractive haha. But I think you're mistaken on one picture.. the black and white one of them sitting in a chair outside, and she's sitting on his lap and they're looking at each other. I believe that's Pattie and George :)

Kaitlyn said...

Thanks! They really are lovely, aren't they? And you're quite right about that photo, I'm so sorry for the mistake. I was uploading photos of the couples at the same time and that one must have gotten fumbled in the mix.