Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Could Be So Good Together

To kick off February, the month of Valentine's Day and all the love that comes with it, I am going to blog about some interesting couples/relationships from times past. Every day I will post a new one, so get ready!
Jim Morrison of The Doors met Pamela Courson at The London Fog on the Sunset Strip in 1965. She was an art student and he was a musician (The Doors had not yet made it big. That happened in 1967). He wrote many songs and poems about her, including "Blue Sunday," "Indian Summer," "L.A. Woman," "Love Street," "Orange County Suite," "Queen of the Highway," "We Could Be So Good Together," and "Wild Child." He called her his "cosmic mate," and she took his last name (though they weren't officially married). Jim financed Themis, a store that Pam ran (which reminds me a bit of the Beatles' Apple Boutique, hmm?). Though they were both unfaithful, they ended up with each other in Paris in 1971, where he died. She was distressed after his death, and died in 1974 from a drug overdose. Unfortunately, they weren't buried in the same place (Jim is in Paris, Pamela is in California) but now I believe they're in heaven together.
Here are some photos:

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