Friday, February 18, 2011

Tracy Bond

I want to focus this post on Tracy Bond, James Bond's wife in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Not because I have seen the movie (I haven't actually seen any-- yet), but because she is responsible for my own mom's name. A long time ago, I remember my mom telling me that my grandfather saw the Bond movie shortly before she was born and he liked the name, so "Tracy" it was. It can't have had anything to do with the actual girl... of course not! I COMPLETELY forgot this until I was flipping through my new book, Swingin' Chicks of the '60s. I saw the words "Bond" and "Tracy" and everything clicked! Diana Rigg, who played Tracy, was actually pretty cool back in the day... and very mod at times!
Diana Rigg was also in The Avengers, where she played what might be TV's first "modern" woman. She famously wore a leather jumpsuit for the show. She was also in various movies and TV shows during her career, and still makes the occasional guest appearance today.
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