Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something There Is About You

Bob Dylan met Sara Lownds (or Lowndes, depending on where you see her name) sometime in 1964, and told her he intended to marry her shortly after. They moved into Hotel Chelsea (in separate rooms) in New York together. They married secretly on November 22, 1965. The public and even most of their close friends didn't know of their marriage until the media reported on it. 
Their marriage became strained in 1974 when Bob's frame of mind was drastically changed by his art teacher, Norman Raeban. They divorced finally in 1977, but later reconsidered marriage.

Yes, they're with Paul and Linda!


Alexis said...

sara was so beautiful. i wonder what she's up to these days.. and if she and bob ever talk

Anonymous said...

It's Linda, Paul, Sara, Greg, Cher, Bob