Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mini Post... Survey from "Women of the Beatles"

I found this little survey on "Women of the Beatles," one of my favorite Beatley places. :)

Do you remember when John was shot: No, I wasn't alive that tragic day! I would've begged to go join the John gathering in NYC.

What Beatle song is your favorite: Can't choose. But "Revolver" sums up everything I love about the Beatles.

Is there ANYTHING you dislike about the Beatles? Um... The excessive drug usage?

Do you like Yoko: Yes!

Have you ever seen the Beatles perform: Nope. :(

What album was your first one: "1 (Compilation Album)." Or, if you want real albums, I first listened to "Help!" and "Revolver" at the same time.

From a scale of 1-10 do you think you know the Beatles well: 11! :)

Do you only listen to Beatle music: No, I have a pretty open mind to non-Beatle things

What other music do you listen to?: Anything 60s (Stones, Jimi, Doors, Velvet Underground, etc.), solo Beatles, She & Him, Paramore (surprisingly, I know!)

What is your favorite kind of music: Beatles kind. I guess that would be classic rock.

If you could meet Paul and could ask one question, what would it be: I'd probably say something spazzy, like "Whatcha up to these days, Paul?"

Do you still miss/mourn John & George: Most definitely. They're my two favorites, most days of the week.

Have you seen Paul in concert: No, but I keep on saying that the 20th time my mom sees Brad Paisley, I get to see Macca. And she's going on 16!

Have you ever written stories about the Beatles: Not like fanfiction, but I write on this blog about the Beatles a lot, and I wrote an 8-page research paper on how the Beatles affect popular culture for school. I got a 100. :)

Have you ever gone to sleep listening to the Beatles: More times than I can even try to count.

Which is your favorite, the early Beatles or later Beatles: I like the middle, like "Help!" to "Revolver" time. Both have their charms.

If you could change anything about the Beatles what would it be: They would've gotten back together during John's househusband period to record a reunion album. WOOT! Or, that Mark David Chapman was institutionalized before December 8, 1980 so a reunion could occur during the 80s or 90s.

How many books have you read about the Beatles: Too many to count. I know I own about 15.

Have you ever dreamed about the Beatles: Probably, I can't ever remember my dreams!

What do you think of today’s music next to the Beatles music: It usually goes in a completely different direction. There's a lot of talent out there, but the Beatles are it for me. :)

Who is your favourite, and why: It depends on the day. Most days (and right now), John because of the way his lyrics make you think, his humor, and his overall awesomeness.

Is there a fifth Beatle, in your opinion: There used to be. They quit (Stu) or got sacked (Pete). Klaus could have been a fifth Beatle, definitely. I never count Brian Epstein or George Martin, they were just parts of the management...

Favourite Beatle wife: Definitely Pattie!

Favourite Beatle kid: Sean. Go listen to GOASTT.

Favourite character from a Beatles song: Sexy Sadie... I don't know! Eleanor Rigby is cool, Jojo and Loretta, Desmond and Molly...

Do you know the words to most of them by heart: Yes. I proudly own every Beatles song ever released on my iPod and have listened to all so many times, I know all the words to almost every song.

Do you have a signature Beatles song: "Here Comes the Sun," maybe...

Favourite album: "Revolver," like I said

Do you own all of their albums: Proudly!

Missing: None. I even have US issues on vinyl!

American albums or British albums: Both.

Records or CDs: Both!! I especially enjoy records, though I listen primarily to my iPod.

Best album cover: "Revolver." I got the chance to see the original artwork by Klaus Voormann and it is amazing!

Favourite Beatles movie: A Hard Day's Night (though Help! is hilarious and Yellow Submarine is trippy)

Have you seen all of their movies: Oh yes. I stayed up all night!

Best Beatles year for music: 1966 or 1967

Best Beatles year for looks: Pre-beard and post pretty boy... 1966

How many posters of the Beatles are in your room: 5

How many shirts do you have: 3 and 1 hoodie

Ringo Starr or Pete Best: RINGO! I love that cuddly mocker...

Brian Epstein or George Martin: Hmm... I'm gonna have to say George Martin, because he gave the Beatles a chance.

Linda McCartney or Heather Mills: LINDA! Duh. She was an amazing lady.

Yellow Submarine or Octupus’s Garden: Octopus's Garden, because Ringo actually wrote it and it inspired me to paint octopuses on random things, like Christmas ornaments... :)

Hey Jude or Julia: Oh, Julia, no competition. It's like asking "Nanananananana" or "Her hair of floating sky is shimmering, glimmering in the sun." Seriously.
What do you think about…
Heather Mills:
She had good causes, but Paul could have and has done much better than her.
Yoko Ono: She's great. Crazy, but great.

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