Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Sweet Lady Jane

Jane Asher was born on April 5, 1946. She made her film debut in Mandy, 1951. She continued to be in shows and movies for many years. In 1963, Jane wrote an article and posed as a screaming fan of the Beatles for a magazine. Around this time, she met the Beatles and got to know them. She starting dating Paul McCartney. Barry Miles wrote of her: "Jane had a wonderful ability to put people at ease. She had an air of seriousness and self-assurance rare in someone so young, combined with the energy of a teenager. She was outgoing, but her enthusiastic conversation was informed by a fine education and years of experience as an actress, making her far more sophisticated than the average seventeen-year-old. She was also extremely pretty." They dated and got engaged in 1967, but Jane came home one day to find Paul in bed with Francie Schwartz and called the engagement off. In 1971, she met Gerald Scarfe, her husband to this day. They married in 1981 and have three kids-- Katie, Alex, and Rory. Jane has a cake shop, has written books, and supports many charities today.
Today is Jane's birthday! I love the Beatle girls, and Jane is no exception. I can't believe she hasn't told about Paul... If she ever decides to write a memoir, I'll be the first in line to buy it. :)

(Photos from Ain't She Sweet, And I Love Her, and Jane Asher Photo Blog. Title from "Lady Jane" by the Rolling Stones.)

Most of these photos are from the '60s, because 1.) It's my blog, and right now I'm loving her hair color and bangs and 2.) She was an icon, as a model and actress during that time. :)


Cakelaw said...

Jane Asher is fabulous - loved these photos, some of which I have never seen before.

Anonymous said...

Great photos of Ms. Jane. I actually wuite admire her for the fact she has so much class that I cannot really ever see her writing a “McCartney Tell-All” book. :)