Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter (Weekend)!

A couple Easter (ish) photos for ya. I hope everybody has a nice weekend! :)


"Your hair looks like an Easter egg!"

The Kennedys on Easter Sunday.

Okay, I know it's from A Christmas Story, but it's a bunny!

Marilyn in a fancy hat. I include this because it appeared in an Easter edition for a catalog. I'm that random.

The bunny sits in on a 1967 recording session.


Tonya said...

Love this post :) the beatles photos are my favorite of course!
Happy easter!

Women Of The Beatles said...

Happy easter to you ! :)

BeatlesGirl said...

Oh, Katie, how you make me chortle (isnt that a funny word?)!

Maddie said...

HAHAHA what the heck that one of the Beatles recording with the bunny in the back is so funny! I've never seen it before! Ha anyways, happy belated easter!