Friday, April 29, 2011

Retro Inspiration: Duchess Kate Middleton and Princess Grace Kelly

Have you seen Kate's dress? It's beautiful, and is definitely reminiscent of Grace Kelly's 1956 wedding dress. Kate's is a Sarah Burton-designed Alexander McQueen creation, and was just revealed a few hours ago. Both are white and strapless, but shoulders are covered by lace up to the neck. Kate's dress, however, has a deep v in the neck, making it modern. The train isn't too long (you just can't follow Di).
Sorry for the ghetto pictures - I had to take them off my TV as there are none on the internet yet!

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Alexis said...

SO TRUE! When I get married (years and years from now, fingers crossed) I want to look like Grace Kelly. Though it makes more sense for a royal to do that over-the-top gorgeous wedding look, it's a little more difficult for us commoners to get away with :)