Friday, April 8, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Today I am going to Alabama, the first actual overnight trip of my spring break. I'm quite excited, because we are going to my great-aunt -uncle's cabin. It has no Internet, so I'm writing this in the car on my iPhone... I'm so cool, right? :) Anyways, I've got my Captain (from Captain and Tennille of course!) glasses, outfit inspired by Jane Asher, and a playlist of Beatles, Stones, Dylan, and the Doors, so I think today's gonna be pretty good!
Some random good photos for a random good day:

The outfit that inspired mine today

I seriously have glasses just like his! Haha

I wish I was going down the road in this van! I'd feel like a Merry Prankster. ;)

My favorite Beatles album, Revolver

Another favorite, the Rolling Stones' Aftermath

Of course, The Doors

Well, I hope whoever reads this is having, had, or will have an amazing spring break, possibly resembling the beach scenes from Help!

Paul appears to be wearing some Jackie O glasses... Haha

(Title from "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.)


Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

I love your blog header so much! Revolver is one of my favourite Beatles albums too! - it's a toss up between that and Help :)

Have fun in Alabama

Kaitlyn said...

Ahh, thank you! Help is an amazing album too, I love the 1965-66 period. :)
And thanks, Alabama was great!