Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding

To be honest, I am really excited for the upcoming royal wedding. Most of my friends have this attitude of "I don't care, they're just people," but I am jazzed nonetheless! I think my anglophilia is at play here. Scratch that, I know it. I'd love to watch any British wedding, actually. The fact that it's royal only adds to it for me. True; Kate Middleton is no Diana, but then again, who is? Kate's a doll, she's smart, she's classy, and she's normal. She's practically a fairy tale princess! And personally, Will reminds me of Diana. I mean, look at him next to his brother, Harry, and his father - who's from where? I think he's just adorable.
I'm also one of those people who is interested in random couples (see my posts from February 1 to 14) and of course the prince of freakin' ENGLAND is going to be at the top of my it-couple list (at least, for modern times).
I am completely enthralled by the glamor of the whole event - the ring (Diana's!), the dress, the cake, the wedding favors, the ceremony, etc... I've been watching TONS of "wedding specials" - mostly made up of interviews with friends, designers, and decorators who talk about the royal couple and give random opinions. My sister and I pretty much eat it up.
I certainly plan on waking up early to watch the wedding tomorrow. I know I'm just a teenage American girl, but my anglophilia rages on.

(Title from "White Wedding" by Billy Idol.)

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Drew Watts said...

I can so much related to you. My friends are so ‘not interested’ in the royal wedding and I am going crazy to see every bit of it. She is gorgeous and I am sure she is going to look stunning at her wedding. I am also looking for one of the royal Chicago venues for my own wedding. I am so much into it.