Sunday, April 24, 2011


I have this weird idea that I want to be a different person when I move in a month (to Texas, woot!), and the centerpiece of achieving this plan is to get bangs. That might sound a little stupid: I know my personality won't change, and I won't suddenly speak in a British accent or suddenly become a famous model/singer/actress - although that'd be awesome as anything! I guess I've finally realized that a fringe is one thing that most of my (female) idols have in common, and I can easily get the look and become at least a little more dollybird-a-licious. Plus, quite a few famous girls today have the style (Zooey Deschanel got a compliment on her bangs onstage!) and maybe jumping on the bangs-boat will help bring it to the mostly ignorant high school masses. Who knows?

My 20 Fringe Muses (In no particular order):

1. Pattie Boyd

2. Marianne Faithfull

3. Cynthia Lennon

4. Anita Pallenberg

5. Brigitte Bardot

6. Cher

7. Emma Stone

8. Hayley Williams

9. Stevie Nicks

10. Jane Birkin

11. Jean Shrimpton

12. Maureen Starkey

13. France Gall

14. Olivia Wilde

15. Nico

16. Penelope Tree

17. Samantha Juste

18. Zooey Deschanel

19. Jane Asher

20. Pamela Courson


Dolly the Bird said...

I've been struggling for over two months with whether or not I should continue to grow out my Peggy Moffitt fringe (the shortest part of which has now grown out to the end of my nose!) or trim it back to it's original glory. You, my dear have convinced me to go back to my fringed dolly face! :D

Lovely blog, BTW!!

Maddie said...

Hey I've been thinking about a fringe for a while too, but somehow I'm not sure it would fit me.. Never know though right? Anyways, these are some of the sixties girls I'd base it off of as well, and since I wish I could be a sixties girl I would love a fringe cut lol.

Kaitlyn said...

Dolly- Great!! I'm sure you're bangs will be just fab. :)

Maddie- That's just how I am too, but I figure since I'm getting a new start, I might as well look like the retro goddesses when I get there!

JessM said...

If you havent already, I say go for it!
I cut bangs into my hair myself last year and it is the best hair decision I've made since turning into a redhead at 16.
I think you will love it, if you love all these gals:)