Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rolling Stones '89

One of the many perks of living in Texas again is the fabulous retro shopping opportunities. The Half-Price Books has Beatles records for $3, for goodness sake! Anyway, I went to a flea market a few weeks ago (where you usually find old glass and odd pieces of wood) and scored not only a Big Brother & Holding Co. record, Ram vinyl, and a Bee Gees album for my friend, but also a Rolling Stones tour book! Admittedly, it is from a lesser sexy time for the Stones (1989 to be precise) but I still like it. Since the band had been around for 25 years, the book is also a bit of a tribute and has photos from previous tours and performances, I've tried to put them in the best order I could. Enjoy!

 On Ready, Steady, Go! in 1963




Mick and Andy Warhol autographing a series of prints


With Pete Townsend in 1982

1985 performing with Bob Dylan

With Bruce Springsteen

Mick & Jerry

With Tina Turner and Little Richard

Bill & Mandy

Steve Jordan and Keef

Mick & Cindy Mizelle duet on "Miss You"

Brooke Shields and friends with Keith

Keith and Eric Clapton

Celebrating Keith's birthday

(Photos by Philip Kamin & associates.)


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Wow that flea market sounds great! Love the pics :)

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