Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The "Cher Look"

I was thrilled to find this article in the November 1965 issue 16 Magazine, featuring the gorgeous young Cher. Back in the early days of Sonny & Cher, she had this great California hippie kind of thing goin' for her, and I thought you guys would like to see what she had to say about how to get her look.

"As you can see, somewhere up under those long bangs of mine are my eyes, with gangs of eye makeup. I use dark, liquid eyeliner (this requires using a brush with very steady hands), lots of mascara and -sometimes- false eyelashes. Personally, I think every girl has to sit down in front of her mirror and experiment over and over again until she finds the exactly right eye makeup for her coloring and shape of face. Whatever you do, don't allow your eye makeup to cheapen your good looks.
"On my face, I use a medicated lotion prescribed especially for me by my doctor. If I use a regular pancake or foundation and powder, I break out in awful pimples. So that means you will have to do a little research to find out what "covering" is best for your face. Maybe you don't need anything at all.
"For my lips, I use a great new lipstick I just found. It is called Coty Moonlight Frost, and you can get it at the five and dime store (hope Coty is grateful for this free plug!). If this particular lipstick doesn't look right on you, then -once again- you will have to shop around until you come up with just the thing for your lips.
"As for my hair, I wash it every other days because it is oily. I always use Head & Shoulders shampoo (now we should get a nice thanks from Proctor & Gamble!). It is a great shampoo and the only one that makes my hair come out shining and spotlessly clean. I sometimes use a cream rinse, as my hair is thick and this makes it easier to comb out. When my hair is half dry, I gently brush the tangles out, then I comb it straight down. I used to tease it on the crown, but now I don't do that as I think that "bump on the top of the head" look is not appealing.
"Another part of the 'Cher look' is earrings. My ears are pierced, and I usually wear large loops in them. Slacks are the most important part of my wardrobe. In fact, I don't own a dress. I have about 50 pairs of slacks, and most of them are slightly bell-bottomed. I have oodles of little knitted tops (like tank suit tops). They are usually plain, no fringe, and in plain colors, not prints.
"For shoes, I mostly wear sandals, and all of these have at lease a one-inch high heel. I have very long feet, and the heel makes my tootsies look a lot shorter. As for colors, I never wear black, brown, or gray (but these colors would not look right in the California sun). My favorite hues are red and yellow. Rings are definitely a part of the 'Cher look,' and I have many. My favorite is the emerald and diamond one I wear on my right index finger, which my husband, Sonny, gave me for my last birthday."

This is just the article - a post on 60s Cher is soon to come!


JessM said...

OMG I loved this! I have a secret 1960's era Cher Obsession. She looked awesome throughout that entire decade (and of course still does haha)

beatlebuddy said...

wow, cher was awesome.