Friday, July 22, 2011

Celebrity Encounter: Baby Jane meets Jagger

"The pictures with Mick were taken at a party that I had at my 955 Park Avenue apartment. I can tell by the Warhol Flower paintings on the wall. Andy really loved how I hung them. I had six Flower paintings and hung them all from their corners (like a diamond)." - Jane Holzer

Weirdly, these are the only photos I've found of that event, which took place in winter of 1964/65 (the book I have doesn't specify). Also, according to the book, the girl behind Mick is Peggy Moffitt, which I highly doubt. The makeup is wrong, the hair is wrong... But, she was a very lucky girl indeed. I like these photos because, as it was 1964, 'Baby' Jane was the reigning 'girl of the year' in the Warhol crowd - Edie had yet to arrive, she came in March 1965. Also, Mick is practically a baby here - before Marianne, before (excessive) drugs, before basically... everything.

(Photos by David McCabe.)

Sorry for the supreme randomness of this post, I just got the book A Year In the Life of Andy Warhol and got a little scanner-happy. ;) And if you haven't noticed, I will probably explode if I don't share this stuff!

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