Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Are you a Mod or a Rocker?"

. . . Ringo was asked by an interviewer in "A Hard Day's Night," (which I happened to be watching this evening with my amazing friend, Jordan). To this Ringo replied, "Um, no, I'm a mocker." I think that the Beatles were the perfect mix of mod and rocker. :) So, when pondering what to blog about (Jordan chose Starbucks) that line from the movie popped out in my mind! Here are the mods!

Mods were quite a bit more polished and high fashion than rockers, as you will see...

A bunch of mod-looking women in various (some Jackie-O looking) glasses.

Of course, I had to put Twiggy under mod. She only EPITOMIZED it! :)

The... Who?

And now for the ROCKERS!

Some early rockers

Lovin' the Converse and leather! :)

Marlon Brando...

Okay, I know this doesn't count, but I had to include dirty Sandy from Grease. I just had to!

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