Saturday, June 11, 2011

Psychedelic Belle

 Charlotte Martin was a French model in the sixties and seventies. She is known for being the girlfriend of Eric Clapton and of Jimmy Page. She modeled throughout her relationships. Clapton said of her: "I was smitten with her from the very first moment I set eyes on her. She was very beautiful in an austere way, classically French, with long legs and an incredible figure, but it was her eyes that got on me. They were slightly Asian with a downward slant, and a little bit sad . . . Charlotte was an incredible girl, more interested in films, art and literature than in modeling, and we had a great time together." He also said that she "was in the way of someone else, who, even though I couldn't have her, was commanding my every thought." The person she was 'in the way of' was Pattie Boyd, who Eric left her for, despite their friendships with Pattie and her husband, George Harrison.
 After her breakup with Clapton, she went to Paris for a modeling job and met Jimmy Page backstage of a Led Zeppelin concert. They had a long lasting relationship, despite the inevitable groupies. Jimmy called her "my lady". They had a daughter, Scarlet Page, in 1971. Led Zeppelin biographer Richard Cole, in his book 'Stairway to Heaven' wrote: "Charlotte was the type of girl who you couldn't look at just once. Tall. Thin. Blonde. Perfect features. You had to glance a second time''. She appeared in the movie The Song Remains The Same, a Led Zeppelin documentary made in 1973. Charlotte and Jimmy parted in 1986. 
  Since then, Charlotte has been a landscape painter, reuniting with old flames for the occasional photo op. She was interviewed in 2005 for the upcoming film Psychedelic Revolution: The Karl Ferris Experience, which discusses the art and culture of 1960s psychedelia.



 (Photos from Family Zepp, Charlotte Martin Facebook, Charlotte Martin Tribute and Vintage Groupies - though I may note that Charlotte was NOT a groupie.)


Chrissie said...

I love your blog soo much! I love the fabulous pictures and stories. I also love Charlotte. She was soo beautiful and interesting. I have never seen some of these pictures before. Great post! :)

P.S. Check out my blog if you'd like.

Alexis said...

You are insane! My mind reels over how many gorgeous photos you have of Charlotte - sixties overload! haha
I haven't seen a lot of these photos - this post was such a treat

JessicaM said...

Thankyou so much for the kind comments you left on my blog! I'm so glad someone else understands my putting Nick Drake and Brian Jones on an imaginary husband list.. haha.

This post is amazing btw, I pretty much second everything Alexis said:)

Leticia said...

Great pics! Charlotte was a really pretty icon! Plus lucky with Eric and Jimmy. Thanks for sharing, doll! peace

Lucia said...

I haven't seen alot of these photos before, great post! I love her. xx

naivebones said...

ooft! I love your blog, and 60s groupies ^.^ dawhh she's so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Martin is one of the most amazing models. I love her.

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