Friday, October 14, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself Award

Okay, I am the luckiest girl in the world. I've received this award from three of my very favorite people/blogs: Nicole, Alexis, and Deborah! Thank you! For this award, you've got to share 7 things about yourself and tell a few of your favorite blogs, who have to do the award as well (if they haven't already).

1. My current goal is to mirror the career/look/life of Mary Travers.

2. I am currently attempting to learn French. (Mostly because of the yé-yé gals!)

3. I'm currently reading Chronicles: Volume 1 by Bob Dylan. I'm convinced that he's one of the coolest people ever.

4. I haven't been to many concerts. VERY few. But the last one I saw was in August - I saw 1964: The Tribute and loved it! Where else can you find teenagers who'll dance to "Twist and Shout" with you?
5. It's no secret that my favorite movie of all time is Singin' In The Rain.

6. I like to pretend that it's 1966. (sigh!)
7. I celebrated October 9th this year. Did you? :)

Okay, here are a few of my favorite blogs in no particular order... (I apologize if you've already done the award, but I want this list to be -somewhat- complete!)

Child of the Moon
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Nothing Seems As Pretty As The Past
and some tumblr blogs as well... :)
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Kailey said...

Singin' in the Rain is definitely one of the best movies of all time!

Chrissie said...

Aww thanks so much for giving me the award! I love your blog so much! :D

Women Of The Beatles said...

Oh you're learning french? Super! If you need any help, feel free to ask me, my first language is french :)

BeatlesGirl said...

Hello, Georgie.

I took a leaf out of your book and posted a new blog. My phone isn't working, so i figure I could get n touch with you this way!

Your Best Beatles Buddy,

Nicole said...

Vote for the greatest icon on my blog ! :)

Janet said...

I was googling Dylan's wife Sara and ran across your blog. I LOVE it, the entire blog but the Sara/Bob article blew me away...I too love Dylan am reading his book, always wishing it was the 60's and I was a teen instead of being born in 59 LOL

Yes, I celebrate Oct. 9th, I love John too...So happy that I found your blog...Quite entertaining...

Love & Peace. Janet aka Derailedpoet

Anonymous said...

happy holidays!!

Martine said...

Amazing blog! Add you to my favourites.

Jaggerfan1 said...

Love your blog, love love love it. It's the 1960s and I love love love it. This blog rules. I'm attempting to learn a language too, not French. That might be too hard for me, but I'm attempting to learn Chinese, God only knows why, :D

Jim Fusco said...

I also feel as if I was "born late". My love for the music of the 60s has always fascinated friends and relatives- they can't understand my obsession with it. I even started a music video blog dedicated to the older music that I love. I'm glad I found someone else who appreciates it, too!