Monday, August 22, 2011

Audrey, Part 4: Comeback and Charity Work

From the seventies onward, Audrey Hepburn appeared in few films, focusing on her family, and later, UNICEF. After having her son Luca in 1970, her marriage became strained due to Andrea Dotti's unfaithfulness. However, she starred in two films in the seventies: comeback movie and period piece Robin and Marian with Sean Connery in 1976 and Bloodline in 1979 with James Mason, Ben Gazzara, and Romy Schneider. In 1980, she separated from Andrea Dotti and moved in with Dutch actor Robert Wolders, though she was still married to Dotti until '82. She called her years with Robert the happiest in her life, and was with him until her death. In 1981, she starred for the last time in They All Laughed, which was overshadowed by the murder of the director's wife. Audrey began to do humanitarian work for UNICEF, which she had supported her entire career, this time making several trips to third-world countries to help and promote awareness. 1987's Love Among Thieves with Robert Wagner, a made-for-TV movie, was panned by all but devoted fans, and Audrey made a cameo in the Steven Spielberg film Always before officially becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She still remembered the pain of war from the 40s, and devoted much of the rest of her life to visiting and helping poorer countries. She filmed PBS's Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn before heading off on a trip to Somalia in 1992. She came back with abdominal pain, which doctors eventually discovered was a rare form of cancer that had metastasized from her abdomen to her appendix. After chemotherapy and operations, the cancer could not be fully removed. Audrey passed away in 1993, leaving a legacy of style, grace, and kindheartedness.

(Photos: my scans from Audrey Hepburn.)


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I love this post :)

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Nicolas Davis said...

What an inspiring story and it's worth to share. I will make sure that my co-volunteers will know this wonderful story. Thank you for giving us motivation in helping poor people especially the children!